Submitting a Report

How to submit a report to Prime Rating

Reports are submitted to the Prime Rating DAO for its governors to vote on the report.

First, export the report as a PDF document and save it on your local device. It's recommended using the following naming standard for your report "Report Type, Project, Report Number", for example, "FA Report Compound #2". The PDF version of the Report will be uploaded and attached to your proposal.

1. Uploading the Report to IPFS

Before submitting a report, it has to be uploaded to a distributed database. Currently, Prime Rating uses IPFS for data storage. The easiest way to use IPFS is via a pinning service, such as Pinata.Cloud.

  1. Head over to Pinata.Cloud, sign up, and confirm your email address.

  2. After confirming your account, click on Pinata Upload in the top menu

  3. Browse for the PDF file no your local device, select Preserve filename, and upload the file

  4. Select Pin Explorer in the top menu and click on the IPFS hash of your report

2. Submitting the Report for Governance Vote

There are two options for submitting a Prime Rating Report for governance vote: 1. Via Discord by a Steward or 2. Via the Alchemy DAPP on the xDAI network. The first option sacrifices some degree of trustlessness for ease of use, where the second option has a learning curve attached to it.

Submitting a Report via Discord

Novice Raters are recommended to submit their proposals via Discord. Simply head over to the 📃-submit-report channel in the Discord and share your Report + ETH address you want to receive your rewards on.

Submitting a Report to Alchemy

After receiving and potentially incorporating feedback, the new report can be submitted to the Prime Rating Governance systems. The Prime Governors (REP holders) will vote to add the report to Prime Rating. First, connect to the xDAI network and head over to the Prime Rating DAO. Click Proposals in the menu on the left-hand side. Now click on Funding and Voting Power and click on the Green New Proposal button to upon up the proposal interface.

Fill in the proposal as illustrated below and press Submit the proposal when finished. This will open a Transaction window in your wallet which you will have to sign to finalize your submission.

submitting your report to the Prime Rating DAO it will take approximately 1-4 days for the proposal to pass or fail.


Prime Raters are rewarded for submitting reports that are accepted by the Governance mechanisms and added to Prime Rating. Currently, we only reward for unique reports, reports that cover a project/category that has not been rated yet. Rewards are only allocated if the Report is accepted.

Reward per unique Report: 150 USDC + 200 PRIME

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Prime Rating community on Discord!