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Guidelines & Resources
Complete overview of what raters need to be aware of, plus the best readings, tools and resources for evaluating open finance.

Rating Guidelines

To ensure alignment across the vision and work ethic of PrimeDAO, some important principles are outlined below. Let’s begin:
  1. 1.
    Be upright and honest!
  2. 2.
    Apply critical thinking and be aware of your biases
  3. 3.
    We rate what exists today, we do not rate what could be in the future (roadmaps are good and can flow into the scores, but what counts is what is existing today)
  4. 4.
    Always link your sources (some references and sources used by PrimeRaters are listed below)
  5. 5.
    Try to compare as best as you can, i.e. do not look at a protocol in isolation (this is an interactive and interconnected ecosystem)
  6. 6.
    If possible, try to establish contact with the respective protocols and ask them questions
  7. 7.
    Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback on your reports, either via the #report-feedback channel or directly from Prime stewards and/or other raters
  8. 8.
    Avoid copy & pasting. We encourage raters to do their own research and synthesize their thoughts over bluntly copying from the protocols website
  9. 9.
    We encourage raters to rate projects they are not personally invested in
  10. 10.
    Use data. Whenever possible use hard facts (e.g. on-chain data)
  11. 11.
    PrimeRating is designed to be a neutral entity, we do not favor or disadvantage any protocols (including our partners)


Sources used by raters on fundamental analysis per section:
Value Proposition
Protocol Website, Whitepaper, Documentation (Gitbook) and Blog (Medium / Mirror); Coingecko; On-chain Data-Providers (e.g. Dune Analytics, Santiment, Token Terminal, DeFi Pulse); News Websites (e.g. Cointelegraph, Messari, The BlockCrypto, TheDefiant, Bankless, Decrypt, Hackernoon); Wiki (e.g. DYOR-Crypto)
Protocol Website, Whitepaper, Documentation (Gitbook) and Blog (Medium / Mirror); Etherscan; Coingecko, On-chain Data-Providers (e.g. Dune Analytics, Santiment, Token Terminal), ICObench​
Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Protocol Webpage, Crunchbase, Wiki (e.g. DYOR-Crypto)
Protocol Documentation (Gitbook); Discord; Governance tools (e.g. Boardroom, Snapshot, Tally Website & Newsletter); DeepDAO; DeFi Watch, DeFi Safety, Wiki (e.g. DYOR-Crypto)
Webpage, Protocol Documentation, Google, Opencorporates, Crunchbase​

Cornerstone Articles & Videos

DeFi Dashboards & Rankings

  • ​DeFi Safety - Technical risk analysis on DeFi protocols
  • ​Gauntlet Economic Safety Score - Risk scoring of DeFi protocols
  • ​DeFi MarketCap - DeFi tokens by market capitalization
  • ​DeFi Terminal - DeFi Leaderboard by Total Value Locked
  • ​CryptoFees - data provider showing protocol fee's collected
  • ​TokenInsight - thrid-party organisation provising data, ratings and analytics for inform market insights
  • ​DeFi Pulse - site providing the latest analytics and rankings of DeFi protocols
  • ​CryptoRank - Crypto market data aggregation and analytics platform

Analytics Tools

  • ​Dune Analytics - Ethereum analytics and Dashboards
  • ​Token Terminal - Standardized metrics to compare the performance of different crypto protocols
  • ​Etherscan - The Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

Industry Reports

Newsletters (overview by DeFi Pulse)

  • ​Bankless - the ultimate guide to crypto finance written by Ryan Sean Adams
  • ​DeFi Tutorial - a newsletter focused on teaching and educating readers about DeFi with hands on video tutorials
  • ​DeFi Value - a place to better understand and evaluate Decentralized Finance
  • ​DeFi Weekly - a weekly in-depth review of technical achievements within decentralized finance
  • ​Dose of DeFi - a weekly newsletter that specializes in deep dives on topics in the space
  • ​EthHub Weekly Newsletter - a collection of the week's Ethereum and cryptocurrency news curated by the founders of EthHub
  • ​The Defiant - a curated list of daily news in the DeFi space explained and condensed down to a digestible level by Camila Russo
  • ​Our Network - Coverage of the overall crypto space by Spenser Noon
  • ​Rekt - Analyzing hacks and exploits across DeFi on Ethereum and beyond

Education & Video Content

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