Permissionless Rating

Permissionless framework for quantifying the quality and risk of open finance.

Permissionless Rating To provide a neutral and all-encompassing opinion on open finance protocols, Prime Rating has developed a permissionless and modular framework that utilizes DAO best practices and decentralized data storage to operate as independently from any centralized entity as technologically possible. By being permissionless, Prime Ratingaims to be more resilient, neutral, and able to leverage the wisdom of the crowd. All Prime Ratings and documents are publicly available and can be accessed non-exclusively by anyone with an internet connection, making Prime Rating a public good for the benefit of the systemic advancement of open finance.

Currently, Prime Rating has two main objectives:

  1. Create a sound and efficient process for permissionless rating

  2. Create verified and high-quality reports on the top 20 DeFi Protocols

Prime Rating Tools & Resources

xDAI Blockchain: Prime Rating is built on the xDAI blockchain, a blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions. Prime Rating Website (Beta version): The Prime Rating Website provides all Raters with an accessible and comprehensive overview of all Prime Ratings. Prime Rating Communication: Discord is used for communication. The Prime Rating Discord uses Collab Land to allow different tiers of Prime Raters to autonomously claim their Rank in the Prime Rating Discord Channel. Prime Rating Governance: Alchemy, a DAPP built by DAOstack is used to submit and vote on proposals. Prime Rating Economics: The Prime Rating Token (PRT) in combination with other Ethereum based tokens is used to reward contributions and coordinate development. Prime Rating Dashboard: Google Sheet tracking all Prime Ratings and reports.

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