Prime Rating
How to become a Master
At Prime Rating, raters can level-up within the DAO by creating reports.

Level Overview

The table below provides an overview on how raters can level-up. It indicates how much Rating Experience (RXP) is required to jump to the next level, how the rewards will increase per level, and what other benefits come from moving up a level.
For instance, to become a novice rater you need to collect 25 RXP, which you can achieve by successfully submitting 3 rating reports. In return, you will get rewards for each report and you will receive a POAP once you reach this level.
Rewards per Report
Each person/group starts at level 0
150 USDC + 200 $D2D
25 RXP
150 USDC + 200 $D2D
NFT batch (POAP)
100 RXP
165 USDC + 220 $D2D (+10%)
NFT batch (POAP) + Graduates are encouraged to become reviewers
200 RXP
180 USDC + 240 $D2D (+20%)
NFT batch (POAP) + become reviewer + governing Prime Rating reports (participate in Snapshot vote)
Grand Master
350 RXP
225 USDC + 300 $D2D (+50%)
NFT batch (POAP) + governing Prime Rating + lead rating squad / lead season
500 RXP
300 USDC + 400 $D2D (+100%)
NFT batch (POAP) + governing Prime Rating + D2D bonus
How to get RXP:
1 Report = 10 RXP | 1/2 report = 5 RXP (e.g. no-token report)
1 Review = 5 RXP
Winner of best quality report = 40 RXP each
Winner of most reports per season = 40 RXP (1st place); 30 RXP (2nd place); and 20 RXP (3rd place)
When can a rater level up?
Moreover, a rater or Prime contributor can also earn RXP through exceptional contributions that benefit the rating framework or PrimeDAO in general (e.g. token based research, report template design or improvements).
Leveling-up can only occur once during a Season or Rate-athon, plus once at the end. For example, if a rater starts at level 0, they can submit 3 reports within the first days of the Season and be granted Novice. If the person submits an additional 7 reports until the Season ends, leveling-up would only occur at the end. The person can then start the next Season as a Graduate Rater and immediately level up to Master (if another 10 reports are submitted).
The rewards or benefits listed above are not set in stone and can be adjusted by Prime stewards through governance. This is more of a concept visualization, to get the discussion started. Additional levels, other benefits or different rewards can be added as Prime Rating evolves.
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