Prime Rating
Prime Rating
Permissionless framework for quantifying the quality and risk of open finance.

Introducing Prime Rating

Prime Rating is a comprehensive permissionless framework to quantify the quality and risk of open finance protocols. Prime Rating offers a simple and comparable opinion in the form of a letter rating on a scale from A+ to D, representing the overall quality of an open finance protocol from a neutral perspective, based on publicly available data. The Prime Rating system operates through a permissionless process governed by Prime Rating DAO. Prime Rating's mission is to improve the resiliency and functionality of the open finance ecosystem, to educate end-users about the quality and associated risks, and to create a benchmark for an open financial system that is permissionless, trustless, and transparent while respecting user sovereignty. Prime Rating evaluates protocols from the perspective of a token holder, based on smart contract quality and fundamental quality.
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Prime Rating is bootstrapped by PrimeDAO, a collective of experienced builders committed to the systemic advancement of open finance.

Prime Rating Scale

To provide a simple and comparable opinion, protocols are rated on a scale from A+ to D depending on the aggregated outcome of smart contract quality and fundamental review.
Prime-grade protocol
Average score > 85% & Min score > 70%
High-grade protocol
Average score > 75% & Min score > 60%
Upper medium-grade protocol
Average score > 60% & Min score > 40%
Medium-grade protocol
Average score > 50% & Min score > 35%
Lower medium grade protocol
Average score > 40% & Min score > 25%
Low-grade protocol
Average score > 35%
Protocol not retable
Average score < 35%
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